Welcome on illusion hacks the most fast growing and most popular hack website on the internet.We provide hacks for the most populair and newest games like battlefield 2,battlefield 2142,call of duty 4,crysis,counter strike and much more. If you dont like to cheat then you can watch over hundert of private glitchvideos found by our own glitch team. We are not only the cheapest website on the internet but we are the only website who give more then twenty free vip memberships away each month. Illusion hacks is also known as the website with the best support that other websites dont provide. Our hacks are daly checkt by our staff to prevend kicks and bans. You wont find cheaper sites then illusion hacks and much members bought vip before you! So come join the community and soon you will be the best in all games!  
    ReGiTBuLl - Founder
Hey guys, I am Regitbull. I am the main administrator around here and also one of the two founders. I am really stunned of the achievements of Illusion-hacks at the moment. We started as a small site but we are still growing and growing these days. Hope to see you soon as an proud member of Illusion-hacks!
    R4z8r - Founder/Coder
I am the current coder and founder of Illusion-hacks. I have been coding for four years and have three years of game-hacking experience. My focus is to create descent working hack. In addition to creating hacks, I am also a great team supporter of the Illusion-hacks team. In my opinion Illusion-hacks has achieved much more than most other cheat sites out there.
    Flario - Coder
Hello I am Flario. I am the Illusion-hacks Gateway(AKA Loader) CODER I am good with code and my work can be found in the new IHG2 loader. If you have any concerns, question or errors using IHG2 please Contact me VIA forums and I will be more than glad to help you out. Illusion-hacks is well supported and is rapidly gaining popularity. So come visit us on the forums. Enjoy your stay have fun hacking!!
    AKnglock - Coder
Hello I am AKnglock, I am curently the hack coder of CSS and CS1.6. I have been coding for a while now for IH. Not only do I enjoy IH's followers, but I think IH has a bright future. Every day we have new supporters, followers, and users joining our community each day. We hope you'll do the same. So come check us out online, get to know the community, and enjoy my hacks. If you have problems with them please Contact me via forums
    7Mm - Consultant
Hello. I go By 7Mm or to some people 7Milli. But as an avid Gamer and coder I came to Illusion-hacks to help out as a consultant/mod i have experiance and as member Plus on the old MsN gaming Zone and many other sites. Hopeing to make a diffrence on Illusions Hacks and make this a really good communitity.Also I like to have fun and a little mischif from time to time(dont ask)
    HeadShot - Admin
Headsh0t. I am the man, who resets users, settles disputes and helps make this community the place where VIPs want to buy from. If you need anything send me a message and I'll help you out as much as I possibly can. One shot, One kill. No luck, just skill.
    Gh0st - Admin
Hai guyz, I'mma Gh0st like I goes "Whooosh!" and then. "BOOO" Like a magical ghost! Some talents I've aquired over the years are: Invisibility, I can shoot lazors out of my ass too, as well as make weird sounds with my nuts. It's insane guys!
    BigBossMoney - Moderator
Hello, I'm BOSSMONEY. I am a Moderator and the Main Glitch finder I have found many glitches in any kind of games so if you need help on how to do them contact me and I will be glad to help you out. Enjoy your stay on Illusion-Hacks and have FUN.
    Rino - Super Moderator
Hello, I am the SuperModerator for Illusion-Hacks. I've been with Illusion-Hacks for a while now. I went from a normal member to SMod. Usually you can find me managing the forums. Not only am I friendly with everyone but I try helping as much as possible.
    WarHunter - Moderator
Hello my name is WarHunter, I am a Moderator of IH I know a lot about the hacks I have used them for a while now and encoutered many kind of errors so I can help you alot. I think IH is a good site. If you have Questions or need anything please contact me VIA forums or if you wish to use another way tell me.
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