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Intuitive UI is consistent. By being consistent, the user already knows how to use your product from previous experience, thus that becomes intuitive for them and the learning curve is virtually flat.

User Focused

Focus on user goals. User experience is the priority. Think the same way users do. Understand their needs, and how they want their needs to be met when using your website.

Content Unity

Our human eyes naturally want grouping to help organize contents of a page. We like a degree of similarity between elements to bring a sense of organization and thoughtfulness to the things we're viewing online.

Content Variety

However, with order comes chaos. Every well structured grid, every correct hierarchy needs a degree of variety. Variety brings surprise, it brings in concepts like scale, hierarchy and diversity, which creates interest.

What is it? .

Understand How UI Plays Into UX

In order to create a great interface, UI designers need to rely on information from the user experience angle. Understanding UX is important when designing interfaces.

Know Your Audience

You need to have a clear picture of what needs will bring people to your website, and exactly how it will provide a design that will draw them in further.

Keep Things Simple

The hallmark of a great interface is simplicity. By this we don’t mean simply sticking a button anywhere we mean design that's easy to understand and interact with.